All 279 New York Subway stations are now under WiFi coverage. Photo Source: Solid

There are 279 subway stations in the city of New York and from the eve of the New Year, all of them will provide WiFi for the commuters according to reports. Officials announced their plan to provide WiFi for all the underground subway stations by the end of 2016 and they have managed to keep their word at the end. Transit Wireless is running the whole operation in cooperation with the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA). The complete cellular coverage will take little more time but is expected to serve the New Yorkers within next few months. However, the users are likely to lose connectivity inside the tunnels in between the stops though altogether, the new initiative is going to make life a lot easier for the people of New York as far as remaining connected is concerned.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo earlier vowed to ensure better connectivity and emergency services for the Subway commuters and instructed MTA officials to utilize available resources to ensure WiFi in the subway system. Initially MTA and Transit Wireless announced to complete the project by 2017 but Cuomo confirmed at the beginning of last year that the subway stations will be fully ready to provide WiFi connectivity by 2016.

Many New York residents who regularly use the subway for travelling has expressed satisfaction as this have made communication considerably simple. Internet connectivity throughout the subway has made it possible for people to utilize the travelling time more productively.


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