New York Celebrates New Year with ball drop and fireworks. Photo Source: NBC Universal media, LLC.

As 2017 approaches, revelers from New York bidding an adieu to a year, 2016, filled with political crisis and conflicts. More than two million merrymakers witnessed the New Year’s Eve at Times Square midnight on Sunday, maintain the old fashioned tradition to celebrate under tight security of 40 tons and trucks, More than 7,000 police teams and snipers were deployed to mark the commencement of 2017. New York also deployed trained dogs of the bomb squad and coast guard.

Police patrolled the waterways and this is not the first time to set up sand laden truck at gatherings as it helped Thanksgiving Day Parade in November. The event was one of the most secured ones considering all the security measures taken in account. According to the city federal officials, there were no potential threats found marking this particular event and everything went smoothly.

Hundreds and thousands of people in New York and millions from around the world witnessed this spectacular celebration on television. There were live performances of Mariah Carey, Gloria Estefan and Thomas Rhett that kept the audience mesmerized.
For many travelers from around the world, time square is a special place, centre of everything, to welcome a new year and this year’s event didn’t disappoint at all.


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