President-elect Donald Trump with his wife Melania Trump at Mar-a-lago club. Photo Source: The New York Times.

President-elect Donald Trump again raised his doubts about a US intelligence finding on Saturday that indicates Russian involvement in the US election through computer hacking- an allegation that led to US sanctions against Moscow. Donald Trump has claimed that he is aware of some facts which others are not aware of regarding the hacking incident the allegedly influenced the US Presidential election campaign. Trump announced that by Tuesday or Wednesday the truth will be revealed.

Trump declared all these as an attempt to seek out the truth while speaking to a group of reporters outside his Palm Beach club. He added referring to the intelligence that he wants them to be fully sure and it will be unfair to announce anything unless they are sure of it as he is aware of the fact that hacking is critical and it is difficult to link any specific group with it. Trump noted that the US intelligence had clearly failed when it accused Iraq of hiding weapons of mass destruction- an allegation that led to the 2003 invasion of the country by the United States and its allies.

Trump advised people to avoid using email while dealing subtle things and use the courier as he himself doesn’t use email as he believes computers are not safe. He used the example of his 10 year old son who can do anything with computers which gives an idea that anyone can handle this device and be mischievous.

On Thursday, Barack Obama, the President of the United States ordered the expulsion of thirty-five Russian citizens who are suspected of working as spies for Russian in US. Two Russian intelligence groups have also faced sanctions after investigation indicated their involvement to influence the presidential election of the United States last year.

Russian President Vladimir Putin in a statement on Friday said that he will not take any retaliatory actions in response to the actions taken by the US, at least until Donald Trump takes office. Trump praised Putin on Friday for not taking any retaliatory actions after the expulsion of Russian diplomats. This is interpreted as a clear indication that the Republicans are determined to repair diplomatic relations with their Russian counterparts.

The steps taken during the last days of Obama’s presidency is considered as major blows as far as diplomatic relations between the United States and Russia is concerned which has already deteriorated on issues like Syria and Ukraine.


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