Minimum wage to increase 2017 in different states including New York.
Minimum wage to increase 2017. (Photo Source: CNBC).

New Year brings new law with provincial approach that introduces increment in wage system and nineteen states will be increasing their minimum wage by $11. In New York City, the increments will be $10.50 for small businesses, $10 in downstate suburbs and $9.70 elsewhere.

There will be an hourly increment of $ .50 in Connecticut making it $10.10 and $ .06 in New Jersey, which is the final step that the Democratic Governor Dannel P. Malloy initially signed in the year 2014.

Massachusetts and Washington gets the priority for the highest new minimum wages, which is $11 per hour. As the rent and cost of buying food has gone high, this increment will make a difference for the middle class workers.

The other states which are following this raise includes: Alaska, Missouri, Florida, Montana, Ohio, New Jersey, South Dakota, Connecticut, Arkansas, Hawaii, Vermont, Michigan, Maine, Arizona, and Colorado. There will be an additional pay rise in Washington, DC, Oregon, and Maryland in the following year. Cities like San Diego, San Jose and Seattle will follow the pay rise by this weekend. Gradually, New York, California and few other states will adjust a rise of $12 or $15 hourly.

Lawyers and laborers are on dispute that low wage workers will hardly be assembling their need and regular customers will have few extra bucks to spend whereas businessmen believes that higher wages will lead to high price and mechanization. Some restaurant owners are likely to bring adjustments to their operations.

According to the National Employment Law Project senior staff attorney Tsedeye Gebreselassie, it is not that teens are making pocket money but adults will be able to support their families with the pay rise as this is likely to flourish fast food business and organized labor business.


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