Facebook will step up its game to fight fake news.
Facebook executives vow to fight fake news. (Photo Source: Business Insider)

Facebook is taking strong steps to control the flow of fake news which has allegedly influenced the 2016 US Presidential election in a way that the social media giant might have not anticipated. Although Marc Zuckerberg has denied the allegations, it is an undeniable fact that fake or fabricated news have been a major problem and this can easily mislead people into believing something that are far away from the reality. The platform that Facebook offers to its users to communicate with millions of other users can be an effective place for distributing news updates that may influence public sentiment and therefore can no longer be ignored.

The largest social media platform of the world has confirmed that it is currently in talks with TV studios to work on programming which might be a strong indication that Facebook is having big plans to enter the TV networks, something that may change the user experience for millions of Facebook users forever.

Facebook is already working to upgrade its coding to customize the news feed for its users. This means, the interface will become even more personalized. More importantly, the company is gradually moving away from its previous claim of not playing the role of an editor to decide what people publishes and distributed through their huge social network. Considering the recent allegations associated with the distribution of fake news, Facebook is likely to take strong measures that will not only prevent this from happening in future; it will also penalize those who will have involvement with such activities.

Both Facebook and Google have vowed to take strict actions against news networks that will publish fake news by banning such sites from using the advertising facilities that these two Tech giants offer for online promotions. With the number of internet users increasing at an unprecedented rate, maintaining authenticity and credibility while publishing and distributing news through the social media has become a vital issue and Facebook is willing take all the necessary steps to make sure that their network is not being used to mislead people.


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