New York News Update: Second Avenue Subway line opens
Second Avenue Subway line opens for commuters. (Photo source: New York Daily News)

The long wait has finally come to an end and the New Yorkers have enjoyed their first ever ride using the Second Avenue Subway line that took off from the 96th Street to carry hundreds of passengers to the Coney Island. Many passengers have expressed their excitement as they were waiting for the Q trains to arrive for the first time. The newly constructed 72nd St. and 86th St. stations are quite spacious, making it more convenient for the passengers to wait around. The low-vibration train tracks make sure that the passengers have a smooth ride while they move through the underground subway system to their desired destinations.

The commuters had to wait for longer than what they anticipated……

However, there was some delay for the train to arrive, a scenario that is not new for the average New York commuters who regularly uses the Subway System to travel. Although the announcements confirmed that there was some train traffic ahead which was the reason for the delay, some were not too sure about it considering the fact that it was the first. In general, people were very excited about the new extension which is believed to make life a lot easier for many New York City dwellers as far as travelling is concerned.

In the New Year’s Eve, dignitaries and selected officials took the ceremonial ride. The Q train took them from the 52nd St. to the expanded 63rd St. and then traveled another two miles to the 96th St. The newly launched Second Avenue line will operate from 6 am till 10 pm for now. From January 9, the line will start offering 24-hour service.

Although the plan was originally approved in 1929, the $4.5 billion worth project had its actual breakthrough in 2007 and took about ten years to be completed. The architectural superiority of the newly constructed stations has already attracted the attention of many beside those who are expected to use the line regularly for travelling. New York Governor Cuomo played an active role to speed up the construction of the new line and was present during the ceremonial ride.


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