Donald Trump will take important decisions on day.
Donald Trump will take important decisions on day. (Photo source: BBC News)

The incoming White house press secretary Sean Spicer said on Sunday that President–elect Donald Trump is aiming to annul a bundle of President Obama’s executive actions in his first day as the President of the United States.

Spicer stated on ABC’s show “This Week” that Mr. Trump will straightway repeal a bundle of ordinances and actions that have been adopted by the Obama administration over last eight years which has hindered economic growth as well as job creation. Earlier this month during an economic speech in New York, Donald Trump said that regulations have grown into a massive job-killing industry and on day one he will absolutely put an end to it. According to Spicer, it was one of the two moves that Trump will immediately make after taking the office. But any specific action was not confirmed.

Through the recent activities it is however clear that Trump has been very critical of Obama’s policy on foreign affairs, energy regulations and on immigration for a long time. During his election campaign, Trump was very much vocal about the policies undertaken by the Obama administration to address the issues associated with immigrants. According to Spicer, Trump is likely to start reforms to create a new tradition in Washington. And it will set out with the restrictions for five years on the people of his administration on becoming lobbyists once they leave their job.

Spicer also added that it is a very progressive thinking by Mr. Trump. He also stated that if someone wants to serve in Trump administration, first of all he or she has to serve the country, not themselves.


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