Burglars stole $6 million worth jewelries on New Year's Eve.
Burglars stole $6 million worth jewelries on New Year's Eve. (Photo Source: Breaking News Zone)

Three hooded and masked men were waiting for the New Year’s ball drop to break into the store of a jewelry wholesaler at West 36th Street around 12:01 am, while 7,000 law enforcers were deployed and preoccupied protecting the Time square gatherings. Law enforcement sources reported that it is a planned heist and the burglars waited until the ball dropped and a complaint was reported on Sunday around 3 pm. according to a source, all the jewelries that got stolen worth $6 million in total.

The trio was caught on video inside the jewelry store- Gregg Ruth, which is well known for exotic pink and yellow diamonds. Each of the neckpiece and pendants worth around $150,000 apiece and are sold to the retailers like Neves Jewelers in Woodbridge, NJ, H.L, NY Gross in Garden City and; the owner of the store is currently in India. One of the perpetrators was a bearded unmasked white male in a hoodie who looked into the camera and was spotted in the surveillance footage.

The burglars used crow bar and hammer to break the lock in the sixth floor to access four safes. They removed 18 karat gold bracelets, necklaces, earrings and diamond crusted from two safes and carried them in backpacks. It looked as if they knew the combination of the safes or they were already open as one of them was spotted talking on phone while opening, possibly getting the combination and they seemed to know the surroundings. The other two unopened safes had $7 million worth products.


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