New York Knicks lost against the Orlando Magic 115-103 on Monday.
New York Knicks lost against the Orlando Magic 115-103 on Monday. (Photo Source: Zimbio)

The New York Knicks have suffered a 115-103 defeat against the Orlando Magic on Monday at the Madison Square Garden. Before making their journey to New York, Orlando Magic suffered back to back defeats and was desperate to come out from the losing streak as Frank Vogel, the coach of the Magic urged his team to step up their game to make a statement against struggling Knicks. Vogel’s team overpowered the Knicks in the second quarter taking an eight-point lead before going to the half time despite a stern resistance from the Knicks in the first quarter where both teams played offensively.

Despite having a poor third quarter in the season, the Magic came out strongly against the Knicks on Monday limiting them to only 21 points in the third quarter which is the lowest point total for the Knicks in a single quarter in last five games. The Magic remained consistent with their performance and displayed outstanding defensive play which led them to an impressive victory.

The Orlando Magic secured thirty-five assists against the Knicks- a season high for the team. Consistent rotation of the ball and effective coordination throughout the game helped them to capitalize on the best available shots. They connected fifteen out of the 31 three-point shots which is equal to their season high against the Atlanta Hawks. D.J. Augustin gave the Magic a great start, securing a three pointer which set the tone for his team against the Knicks.

Jeff Hornacek, the Knicks coach has expressed his doubt about his team’s ability in defense after the New York Knicks clearly fell behind in the game yesterday. A team that had an average of 99 points per game throughout the season, the Orlando Magic’s 115 against the Knicks naturally raised a lot of eye brows as it was the fifth loss in a row for Hornacek’s team with eight losses in total in ten games. Poor defense has been blamed to be the main problem for the New York Knicks as the team continues to perform poorly in the season.

Hornacek believes that his team needs more power to play defensively and may have to consider bringing in some changes to the lineup to try something different. The New York Knicks are set to play against the Milwaukee Bucks on Wednesday and the Orlando Magic will have their next game against the Atlanta Hawks the same day.


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