NYC witnesses its first homicide in 2017.
NYC witnesses its first homicide in 2017. (Photo Source: New York Daily News)

Ricky Kalisaran was rushed to Jamaica Hospital by the Paramedics, where he died of a chest wound. His brother Sunny Kalisaran was also admitted with serious injuries, he is currently in a stable condition. Sunny Kalisaran, 24 is currently hospitalized without the knowledge of his older sibling’s demise. The 31 year old man from Guyana was killed by a gunman during an attempted robbery at his grandmother’s funeral. The police stated that the siblings were shot at 3.25 a.m. in front of a building on 124th street near Liberty Ave. in South Richmond Hill.

The witnesses believe that the perpetrator’s target was the flashy gold chain that Sunny Kalisaran was wearing. They came to attend a funeral but instead, Sunny got seriously injured while his brother Ricky Kalisaran died. Sunny went to get his phone from the car and after a while Ricky followed him and seeing his brother was getting shot he tried to fight for him. The incident has been recorded as the first homicide that NYC witnessed in the New Year.

Ricky’s mother Anita Kalisaran, 48 was tightly holding the black shirt that Ricky was wearing when he arrived to the city two days ago from Guyana; she was devastated as she spoke with the reporters.

The troubled mother said they shot and killed her son over a gold chain while he only came here for the funeral. Sunday night was the last time when she saw her son Ricky, he asked her whether she would mind if he goes out for a couple of hours with his brother Sunny and she replied positively as he normally doesn’t go out that often.

One of Sunny’s colleagues said that the siblings spend the evening at an underground club on 123rd St. near Liberty Ave, which is about a block away from the crime scene. The robber approached them while they were walking towards their parked grey infinity and refused to give away the gold chain. According to a source, the brothers were shot while they struggled to get a hold of the robber’s gun. After the shooting the robber and his partner fled the scene in a dark sedan.

They crashed with another car just only five blocks away from the murder scene, at 103rd Ave. and Lefferts Blvd. and fled towards Belt Parkway. No one was injured in the crash. Police is running an investigation to track down the perpetrators.


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