Galaxy S8 may have a great surprise for smartphone users in 2017.
Galaxy S8 may have a great surprise for smartphone users in 2017.

Over the years, serious allegations were brought against Samsung claiming that they copied Apple’s ideas to come up with their smartphones during its early years in the industry. But it is also undeniable that Samsung has come a long way since then to introduce in house ideas in the market, gaining competitive edge on that in the smart phone industry to build a highly loyal customer base for its high-tech devices. Samsung’s Galaxy Note and Galaxy S smartphones have added a long list of features in different versions, proving that Samsung is not just a copycat when it comes to marketing high tech phones. They do have their own innovativeness and a highly organized R&D team that is using the state of art technologies to present brand new features in the new Samsung smartphones.

More recently, rumors broke out suggesting that Galaxy S8 is going to present even more advanced features that are even uncommon to iPhone users. According to the blogger of “All About Windows Phone”, Samsung has incorporated an impressive feature in its upcoming Galaxy S8 phone that is very much similar to the recently introduced feature incorporated in the Windows smartphones which is known as “Continuum”. The feature allows the phone to be connected to a dock and offer a rather desktop experience. It might be a little challenging for Windows to market this new feature through its smartphones as a large percentage of the target market may not want to have a Windows experience in their phones, but with Android being added to the equation, the scenario takes a twist.

The new feature will allow the owner of a Samsung Galaxy S8 user to connect a monitor, keyboard and mouse with their phone and use it just like a desktop computer. Although this is still just a rumor, if turns out to be true, Galaxy S8 is likely to create a lot more buzz than what was anticipated when the new phones hit the market this year.


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