New York have seen a record low in shooting incidents as the police continued with careful gang arrests.
New York have seen a record low in shooting incidents as the police continued with careful gang arrests. (Photo Source: Reuters).

Sudden drop of gang violence in last year led to the lowest number of shootings in New York in twenty five years. According to the database, police went for targeted arrest and focuses on gang takedown in some of the city’s roughest neighborhoods during the year.

In light of the data from last year, it is observed that gang-related shootings fell from 560 to 412 in 2016. The decline in numbers helped to reduce citywide shootings to a record low of 998 by the year end, which was 1138 in 2015. Additionally, the number of murders fell to 335 from 352 in last year.

Effort by the police department to push down the shootings under 1000 for the first time since 1990’s was noted by James P. O’Neil, the New York City police commissioner. This breakthrough is expected to be discussed by Mr. O’Neil and Mayor Bill de Blasioon on Wednesday at a news conference in Brooklyn.

The department’s chief spokesman Stephen P. Davis said that the police precisely targeted the people who are often linked with gangs that are responsible for the violence. The reduction of violence was the result of going after the gang members and making important arrests. This year’s gang takedown resulted in about 900 arrests and has taken violent people off the streets.

The statistics from the New York police department shows a glimpse of how the crimes are tracked and classified by the Detective Bureau of the department. It has also pointed out the ever-changing reasons behind people getting shot and killed.

Last year, shootings and murders were notably dropped in every category of motives. For example drug related murders dropped to 29 in 2016 from 42 in the year before. According to criminologists, gang related arrests can result in arrest of domestic offenders, which nowadays is hard to avoid as these can escalate behind closed doors with the police having no knowledge of such crimes.

Although the gang violence has been significantly reduced in New York, it has increased in some other cities including Chicago. In respect to the appreciable act by the New York Police, David M. Kennedy, a professor of Criminal Justice in John Jay College said that in the past New York City was presented to the rest of the nation as an example that a community can be made safer through zero tolerance. But now New York is showing the rest of the nation that public safety can be ensured in a better way without the law enforcers being too aggressive.


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