President-elect Donald Trump will hold news conference in New York on Jan. 11, his first after winning the election. (Photo Source: Reuters)

Donald Trump is expected to hold a press conference in New York on January 11, only nine days before his inauguration where he will officially become the 45th President of the United States. The president-elect made this announcement on Twitter this Tuesday confirming the upcoming “general news conference”.

The Jan. 11 press conference will be Donald Trump’s first since winning the presidential election on November 8. Although he had plans to hold one on December 15 to explain how the Trump Organization will be handled by him during his tenure as the President of the United States, later that event was postponed as his lawyers were still working on the details.

Last full-fledged press conference was held in July 27

Trump had his last full-fledged press conference back in July 27 at the Miami Area Golf course where he called upon the Russians asking them to find the 30,000 missing e-mails of his opponent Hilary Clinton- a statement that later was cleared by his staff as a joke made by the president-elect. Instead of holding news conferences, Trump continued to communicate to the mass through tweets and later on December, held several “Thank You” rallies in different states which played a key role to increase his margin in the Electoral College.

President Trump will have close interaction with the press

News conferences were downplayed by Trump’s team during this time while Kellyanne Conway, the counselor of White House confirmed that President Donald Trump will make himself available for the press once he takes the oval office. She also added that the president will have close interaction with the press just like his predecessors. Although Trump’s very limited interaction with the press has been worrying for some, his supporters appreciated the limited exposure considering certain reporters to be biased, accusing them of failing to maintain credibility while covering his stories.

Former President George W. Bush as well as President Barack Obama had a rather different approach while handling the press before inauguration. Both interacted more frequently with reporters after they won the presidential elections. Although President-elect Donald trump has kept his interaction with the press quite limited, things are expected to change once he is inaugurated as the president of the United States.


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