New York City authority asks Uber to disclose confidential passenger information.
New York City authority asks Uber to disclose confidential passenger information. (Photo source: Business of Apps)

The New York City authority has asked Uber and other similar companies to disclose sensitive customer information including where a certain passenger is being dropped once he or she rents a car. Currently Uber and other companies are obliged to inform the authority about the location from where a customer was picked up. Now the authority is asking them to disclose the drop off point too.

In an e-mail, Uber has confirmed that the New York City authority is working on a monitoring system that would allow them to track the movement of each and every New Yorker who would use Uber and other vehicle renting services for travelling purposes. Some security experts have expressed their concerns regarding the recent development claiming that such an initiative may cause serious privacy issues for the city dwellers.

Earlier in a statement, the New York City authority confirmed that they need passenger information from Uber to make travelling safer for the New Yorkers. The statement also added that the information will be used for reducing “driver fatigue”.


Uber and many other large and medium sized carpooling service providers are becoming important assets for the New York transportation facility. According to a recent study, Uber is planning to come up with an advanced algorithm that will allow them to deploy their vehicles more efficiently throughout the New York City, something that will reduce traffic congestion and pollution significantly and might gain the ability to meet 98% of market demand, replacing the conventional yellow taxi cabs.


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