Donald trump has blasted Arnold Schwarzenegger as “The New Celebrity Apprentice” stumbles in the new year.
Donald trump has blasted Arnold Schwarzenegger as “The New Celebrity Apprentice” stumbles in the new year. (Photo Source: The Onion)

Donald Trump, who is set to become the 45th President of the United States on January 20, has blasted Arnold Schwarzenegger for failing to make an impression in his first season of “The New Celebrity Apprentice”. Schwarzenegger replaced president-elect Donald Trump as the boss of the reality show which involves a high profile board of advisers and celebrity contestants.

The first episode of the New Year posted a very low rating in comparison to what Trump achieved during his time in the show as the host. In a Tweet, Mr. Trump described the rating as disastrous for Arnold Schwarzenegger, the movie star turned Politician, the ex-Governor of California. Earlier, Schwarzenegger created controversies after demanding to be called as the “Governor” by the contestants which have been perceived as a direct insult to the current Governor of California by some experts. The recent low rating may add more fuel to that controversy.


Earlier reports suggested that Donald Trump will remain as one of the executive producers of the business reality show even after taking the Oval office- a claim that Mr. Trump has denied stating that the whole idea of his involvement with the show in such a manner is completely ridiculous. He termed it as a “FAKE NEWS”. Mr. Trump however did admit that he has a big stake in the show.

Trump was the host of “The New Celebrity Apprentice” for 14 seasons and later was replaced by Arnold Schwarzenegger while he prepares himself for a much bigger role- the President of the United States. The show had only 4.93 million viewers after being aired on January 2, a number that is 43% lower than its 2015 premier. However, the stats might have got affected by the fact that it was aired right after the New Year’s day and had to compete with some other shows like ESPN’s classic Rose Bowl and “The Bachelor”- a new season launched by ABC.


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