Patrick Allen being escorted by the police.
Patrick Allen being escorted by the police. (Photo source: New York Post).

Patrick Allen, the 24-year old man who was arrested on Thursday from Staten Island after being involved in a shooting incident with the cops has been identified as a person from a highly influential New York family which includes politicians, bankers and a federal judge. His great-grandmother is Dorothy “Dolly” Schiff- the ex-owner of the New York Post. Considering his highly influential family background, Allen’s involvement with the Thursday shootout was rather surprising.

Jonathan Derbyshire and Patrick Allen went to the wooded area of Charleston section on Thursday late night with drugs and some firearms. The duo was test firing the guns which led to the 911 calls. Police later arrived on the spot and could spot two suspects. While Derbyshire immediately ran for the woods Allen, who was wearing a ballistic vest opened fire at the police with a 9mm Glock 26 pistol. Police returned fire, hitting Allen three times. Later he was arrested and taken to the hospital.


Allen is believed to have involvements with drug dealings, buying weeds from Colorado and later bringing them to New York where he used to resell them. Allen’s father Gerald Allen is an ex-Brooklyn prosecutor who later became a criminal defense lawyer. While talking with the police, Mr. Allen confirmed that he severed ties with his son many years ago and has no interest to do anything with him.

Patrick’s mother Tess Leopold is also an ex-prosecutor. Her mother Adele Hall Sweet is married to Robert Sweet, who happens to be a Manhattan federal judge. Tess Leopold’s late father A. Frederic Leopold was a Beverly Hills mayor. Tess Leopold refused to make any comment on her son’s involvement on the Thursday night shooting. However, a close source confirmed that Patrick Allen was not raised in an ideal environment which might have been a reason for his current situation.

Jonathan Derbyshire, who fled the spot, was later arrested around 06:30 am in the morning through a massive manhunt by the police who also used helicopters to find the suspect. Allen was later released from the hospital to police custody. Charges were pending against both the suspects.



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