Hillary Clinton may run for NYC mayor's office though no confirmation has been made yet.
Hillary Clinton may run for NYC mayor's office though no confirmation has been made yet. (Photo source: Politico).

The wounds of the 2016 Presidential election is still quite fresh, but Hillary Clinton- the most famous female politician of the world has made it to the political headlines once again as some analysts suggesting that she still have the scope to make a difference in the US politics by running for the Mayor’s office of New York City. The news can be a glimpse of hope for thousands of New Yorkers who rooted for Clinton during the presidential election particularly considering the fact that New York is a stronghold for the Democrats.

Although the idea of Clinton running for the position is still far from reality with no official confirmation coming from the ex-secretary of state and the presidential candidate for 2016, many analysts along with general people are not denying the possibility of her candidacy. Hilary Clinton was the senator from New York for eight years and earned reputation as a hard worker who put long hours at office working relentlessly to stand by the principles that she believes in and serve the people.

Clinton played an important role during the 9/11 recovery period, working closely with the officials to make life easier for the New Yorkers who were devastated by one of the worst terrorist attacks in the US soil.

De Blasio, the current mayor of New York City has been criticized for failing to address many issues that the New Yorkers have been complaining about for a long time. Blasio allegedly allows his deputies to do his job while investing most of his time in PR stunts and politics. Despite his current low ratings as the mayor of NYC, Democrats do not have too many potential candidates at the moment who can challenge Blasio for the mayor’s office. With Hillary coming into the picture, the situation might change.


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