New York, Connecticut and New Jersey reports snowstorm resulting car crashes.
New York, Connecticut and New Jersey reports snowstorm resulting car crashes. (Photo source: New York Daily News)

New York, Connecticut and New Jersey has experienced heavy snowfall since Saturday morning that continued till the evening. Eastern Long Island, Jersey Shore and Eastern Connecticut have recorded most of the snow accumulation. Brooklyn and Queens may experience 4 to 8 inches of snow while Suffolk County may have around 12 inches. Long Island’s southern tip may record 12 to 18 inches of snow. Rockaways and southeast Queens is expected to see the worst of the storm. The storm has been reported to be stronger than what was anticipated on Friday.

Several car crashes were reported in the affected areas that occurred due to the extremely bad weather. Suffolk County Police of Long Island received reports of 175 car crashes within 10 am and 3 pm on Saturday. The commuters were advised to be extra cautious while using the roads. Middletown, Connecticut also recorded several car accidents during the snow storm which forced the authority to shut down the road for several hours.

The temperature sharply fell around the affected areas. The snow blast may leave the New York City around 9 pm and Eastern Long Island around 11 pm. Several plows have been deployed in New York already to clear the roads.

Snowstorms are nothing new for the New Yorkers and one of the worst blizzards is known as the “Great blizzard of 1888” which left thousands of New Yorkers trapped. The snow storms of 1947 and 2010 are also notable for their severe nature. But in all cases, the New Yorkers displayed great courage and enthusiasm to fight against the harsh weather, working together to clear sidewalks, helping trapped cars, finding the most unique ways to get to work.


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