Boris Johnson has arrived in New York to meet important figures from the upcoming Trump administration.
Boris Johnson has arrived in New York to meet important figures from the upcoming Trump administration. (Photo source: Independent)

Boris Johnson, the British foreign secretary has arrived in New York to hold meetings with key advisers of president-elect Donald Trump which is expected to play an important role to determine how the Trump administration and the UK government will work together in the coming days. Boris Johnson held meeting with Jared Kuchner, the son-in-law of Mr. Trump and Steve Bannon, who is working as a strategist for the president-elect. The meeting carries significance as it is the first formal meeting held between key members of the upcoming Trump administration and a UK minister.

According sources, during the meeting, both sides talked about US policy towards Russia, China and Syria. The UK Minister is set to meet important figures from the US congress as he flies to Washington DC. However, Mr. Boris will not hold any meeting with Rex Tillerson, who is set to become the next US Secretary of State. It was confirmed that a meeting between Mr. Tillerson and the British foreign secretary cannot take place until the businessman is officially confirmed for the job.

Boris Johnson’s visit happened within hours after Donald Trump’s tweet where he expressed his keen interest to meet with Theresa May in the spring. Mr. Trump stated that the UK prime minster has spoken to him twice after the US presidential election and would fly to the US capital once he takes office. Mr. Trump has already expressed his deep interest to work closely with Britain.

The president-elect caused some diplomatic tensions with the UK government earlier after Mr. Trump expressed his interest to meet Nigel Farage, the ex-UKIP leader before he meets any other British politician. He also considered Farage to be the ideal option to become the UK ambassador to the US. Donald Trump’s close tie with Farage is seen as a matter of discomfort by the UK Government officials. As a response, the UK Prime Minister sent her joint chiefs of staff to the US right before Christmas.

The recent meetings at a diplomatic level between US-UK have significance considering UK’s current foreign policies towards Russia and their future post-Brexit trade deals with the United States. Mrs. May confirmed during an interview that she has full intention to build strong ties with the new US administration but denounced comments made by Donald Trump earlier about women describing them as “unacceptable”. However, the UK premier also added that Mr. Trump did apologize for the remarks later.


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