NYPD is looking for a man who is reportedly targeting East New York businesses at night.
NYPD is looking for a man who is reportedly targeting East New York businesses at night. (Photo Source: Notely)

A man in an orange hoodie covering his face with a black mask reportedly tried to rob a woman last night while she was on duty in a Brooklyn restaurant and she is not the only person from that area who came under attack by the same individual. Police believes that the suspect has been targeting businesses in that area for almost a month. He is the prime suspect for at least four robberies including the one at Chen’s Garden, a restaurant that is located on Flatlands Avenue of East New York.

The whole incident from the Chen’s Garden was recorded through a surveillance video that showed the suspect approaching the counter where he pulled out a large knife and waved it at a female employee of the restaurant. However, two other restaurant workers came out of the kitchen immediately waving a metal spoon and a butcher knife towards the robber. The suspect rushed out of the restaurant immediately.

Although the robber failed at Chen’s Garden, he did stole hundreds of dollars from three other businesses that came under attack since December. According to the police, the suspect robbed a Baskin Robbins employee just minutes before he attempted to rob the female employee of Chen’s Garden. On December 29, the same man robbed a Taco Bell/KFC located at Flatlands Avenue where he wielded his knife and got away with $876 that he removed from the cash register.

A 20 year old woman was robbed by the same man on December 19 last year from a Dunkin Donuts on Flatlands Avenue, East New York. He passed a note to the woman demanding cash from her and later escaped the spot with $320. The report suggests that the robber usually targets employees who work at night. All his victims were robbed after 9 pm.

NYPD has already made an official request asking people to come forward with any information about the suspect.


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