Is there something journalists should be worried about when Donald Trump takes office?
Is there something journalists should be worried about when Donald Trump takes office? (Photo Source: Tes tech)

Donald Trump is likely to maintain some distance from the press during his presidency although this hasn’t been confirmed yet. On Sunday, the White House press corps received a proposal from the Trump administration to restrict the entry of reporters in the White House. If that comes into effect, this will be a clear violation of a protocol that has been in practice for decades enabling journalists to work closely with top White House officials.

The incoming chief of staff of Donald Trump, Reince Priebus stated that a discussion was held about the press briefing room and the administration is thinking about a larger space where more journalists could be accommodated who will cover the president-elect.

However, as far as the highly active Washington reporters are concerned, the proposal adds more to their concern since Donald Trump and his team has already given indications that they will be highly sensitive about the news media. Mr. Trump himself blasted certain news networks on Jan. 11 after an intelligence report was leaked claiming that Russia has sensitive information about the president-elect that can be damaging form him.

The concerns among news reporters were quite evident as more than a hundred reporters appeared for a meeting organized by the White House Correspondents’ Association. The organization works to promote the decades long practice that enables the journalists to have access to White House for information. Jeff Mason, the president of the group who works for Reuters has urged everyone to remain vigilant about any initiative that can lead to potential threats against the freedom of press.

Journalists from the news network including TV channels, radio outlets and the print media have worked very closely with White House officials for more than three decades. They don’t need a security escort to walk around, to interact with the press secretary and the press aides of White House to collect information. But now that freedom may come under threat as the upcoming Trump administration is clearly in an aggressive mode against any news that seems damaging to president-elect Donald Trump.


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