Monica Crowley has confirmed that she will not take the job at White House after plagiarism allegation.
Monica Crowley has confirmed that she will not take the job at White House after plagiarism allegation. (Photo Source: CNN).

Monica Crowley was supposed to join President-elect Donald Trump’s National Security Council. However, she has declared not to take the job and willing to stay in New York to look for other opportunities, according to source. Ms. Crowley made the decision after an allegation, suggesting that she has plagiarized certain passages in a book few years ago.

CNN initially made a report on the issue indicating that Ms. Crowley did copy few passages for a book that was published by HarperCollins. Later, Politico also made a story revealing that she also plagiarized in the doctoral dissertation.

After the recent controversies, Monica Crowley has made an official statement where she has confirmed that she is not going to join Mr. Trump’s administration. Although will not be a part of the new Government, Ms. Crowley will continue to give her full support to Donald Trump and his cause. However, she didn’t make any remarks on the plagiarism allegations.

Ms. Crowley followed the path of Jason Miller, another member of the transition team of Mr. Donald Trump who declared that he is not going to join the administration where he was suppose to take the position of the communications director. According to a source, Ms. Crowley would be assigned to oversee certain speeches, a task that will be rather difficult to carry out after the allegations about her plagiarism. HarperCollins has taken out the digital edition of the book “What the (Bleep) Just Happened?” of the market since the story of plagiarism was disclosed. According to report, about 20,000 copies of the hardcover version of the book have been sold.

Donald Trump’s team has described the news about plagiarisms as an attack on Ms. Crowley on political ground and claimed that she is well capable of serving the new administration. The officials from Mr. Trump’s transitional team praised Ms. Crowley as a highly insightful person who is very much thorough about her works.


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