Brooklyn Prison has created controversies over poor condition.
Brooklyn Prison has created controversies over poor condition. (Photo source: RT)

Almost 120 long-term sentenced female prisoners are detained in windowless rooms for years in Brooklyn, breaching prisoner’s international standard treatment.

Connecticut has the only central women’s prison in Northeast which has limited space. But in last 40 years, the number of prisoners has increased by 10 times and the Bureau of Prison has shifted male inmates in Danbury and moved out females to the Metropolitan Detention Center (MDC, a detention center where prisoners wait till trial) in Brooklyn for 18 months until a new prison is built. However, even after 3 years, female prisoners are still at MDC where there are no activities, outdoor access and jobs.

The National Association of Women Judges published a report where it has been reported that the situation of the female inmates are a breach of the standards of American Bar Association and the UN Standard Minimum Rules as far as the treatment of prisoners are concerned. According to the judges, female prisoners are not having access to proper medical, mental and gynecological treatment and no doctors are keen to work in a prison.

In the meantime, the situation is ignored by the Bureau of Prisoners and the Justice department as they have nothing to say on the setback of prisoners of Connecticut. However, according to the Bureau of Prisoners, they have started to transfer the detainees from last month.


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