The fence at the Arizona-Mexico border.
The fence at the Arizona-Mexico border. (Photo source: Salon)

President Donald Trump will issue an order on Wednesday to initiate construction of the wall at the Mexican border, a promise that he made during his election campaign and repeatedly vowed to keep. This is considered to be one of the many steps that the Trump administration is likely to take to ensure national security. The new Government is also likely to take policies including launching crack down on immigrants and restricting the number of refugees coming to the US from countries that are perceived as “terror prone”.

The new administration will also look into possibilities to reinstate a program that allows the interrogation of certain individuals who are considered to be extremely dangerous outside the US soil. The possibility of re-introducing CIA detention facilities abroad is also being taken under consideration. However, the draft will make sure that those under US custody are not being tortured or treated inhumanly which goes against the international and US laws. The new proposals are likely to enable the US Government to take certain actions in and outside of the country that may create controversies in the international arena.

President Donald Trump will sign the executive order for the Mexican wall while he visits the Department of Homeland Security on Wednesday. The same day Luis Videgaray, the foreign minister of Mexico will reach the US capital as a part of the preparation for Mexico’s President Enrique Peña Nieto’s upcoming visit to the United States. Mr. Nieto will be one of the first political leaders to meet President Donald Trump after his inauguration in January 20.

The Mexican Government has issued statements earlier that the country will not pay for the wall like Mr. Trump repeatedly suggested during his campaign and after winning the election.


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