Jennifer Santos lost her balance as she fell 34-feet below from an Oculus escalator.
Jennifer Santos lost her balance as she fell 34-feet below from an Oculus escalator. (Photo source: New York Post).

Jennifer Santos, a 29-year-old New Jersey woman was killed sometime around 05:30 am on Saturday after falling from a World Trade Center Oculus transit hub escalator as she was lying on the escalator banister, trying to mimic a flying superhero. Santos lost her balance and fell 34 feet below. She was immediately taken to the Bellevue Hospital but could not be saved.

Earlier officials released a statement where it was claimed that Santos was trying to get a hold of her twin sister’s falling hat. As she stretched to grab it, she lost balance and fell on the marble floor. She took a fatal hit to her head. Although the recent updates seem different than the initial statement, the authority did confirm that the hat was somehow involved in the incident.

Jennifer Santos was an instructor of phys ed, health and driver’s education. She was described as an outgoing individual who was loved adventures and was extremely close to her family. She and her twin sister were living with their mother in Kearney. While the heartbreaking accident shocked many, questions were raised regarding the $4.4 billion worth escalator facility as many suggested that the infrastructure was not completely safe.

Some passengers expressed their concern as they said the glass barriers that run simultaneously with the escalator could be made higher to ensure maximum safety for the users. However, there were others as well who were comfortable with the current facility. The port authority didn’t give any response to questions regarding the safety concerns. The Governor’s office also didn’t have any statement on the issue.


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