One died in New York City from rare bacterial infection caused by rats.
One died in New York City from rare bacterial infection caused by rats. (Photo source: Fox 5)

On Tuesday, the city officials reported that a bacterial disease that is quite rare and related to rats have killed one person in Bronx and left two fighting for their lives. The bacterial disease called leptospirosis is usually only seen among animals.

All three cases were diagnosed by the health department in concourse section of Bronx in only one block radius over the last two months. Acting deputy commissioner of the Health Department, Demetre Daskalakis clarified that leptospirosis in human cases are very uncommon in the New York City. He stated that this is the only time a series of cases has been identified and all of them resulted in patient getting severely ill and hospitalized. The patients were diagnosed with acute kidney and liver failure. Pulmonary haemorrhage grew in two of the patients and one died out of infection. Daskalakis added that the severely sick two patients ultimately recovered and were discharged from the hospital.

One of the discharged patients Braulio Balbuena Flores told that he had fever, he couldn’t eat couldn’t sleep with his whole body aching. After being admitted on Jan. 27 in grimly ill condition, he spent two weeks at the Lincoln Hospital in intensive care. Now being discharged, the Bronx resident claims to be experiencing an overwhelming chatter of his jaw.

There were only 26 case of leptospirosis reported among New York City residents during the last decade. But this is alarming that now there are three cases from only one block.

Bronx state Senator Ruben Diaz stated that this is the first time he is hearing about it and he is concerned that this infection is dangerous for our community.

Daskalakis ensured that the health department is currently working to eradicate rodent infestation in the affected area with the help of the building owners.


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