Bayonne Plane Crash Scene.
Bayonne Plane Crash Scene. (Photo source: New York Post).

The only pilot on board was injured and hospitalized after a plane crash in a residential neighborhood of Bayonne, New Jersey on Sunday morning. The plane crashed on Avenue E. It hit four cars though no injuries were reported. The pilot has been identified as George Pettway, 56. According to the Federal Aviation Administration, the plane belonged to a flight school in Queens.

The pilot had complications to decide which route to take and asked for help in close proximity to the Statue of Liberty and took a turn to stay away of a gas station but ended up hitting few cars. It is still unknown how the plane crashed in Bayonne. Though no one from the houses or cars nearby was injured but the wings slammed into the gas station and were few inches away from the gas pumps. Few witnesses said, the pilot took a turn to avoid any serious hit and was trying to save people from the gas station. Residents from Avenue E were shocked and frightened when they traced a plane going back and forth. When Fire crews and police rescued the pilot, he was conscious and was later taken to Jersey City Medical Center to undergo tests.


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