President Donald Trump's remarks on Sweden has steered new controversies.
President Donald Trump's remarks on Sweden has steered new controversies. (Photo source: Rare)

President Trump made a statement about a terrorist attack that happened in Sweden while referring to a Fox news interview featuring conservative filmmaker Ami Horowitz concerning immigrants and Sweden. In response, the Swedish officials have asked the US for more information following Mr. Trump’s comments as apparently the so called “terrorist attack” never took place.

During his speech on Friday in Florida, Mr. Trump said that the last night’s incident in Sweden is unimaginable and it’s the sort of problem that they never thought would be possible. In defense of the president, his spokesperson Sarah Huckabee said to ABC that on his statement about Sweden, Mr. Trump was talking in general about the rising crime and recent incidents.

In a reaction to Mr. Trump’s remarks, the Embassy of Sweden in the US stated that they are looking forward to inform the US administration about the Swedish immigration and integration policies.

Ami Horowitz has made a documentary recently about Sweden’s refugee policy. While in a discussion about his documentary on the Fox News, he said that terrorist attacks in Europe is already going on for some time and now Sweden has got a taste of it after experiencing its first terrorist attack not that long ago.

On twitter Former Swedish Prime Minister Carl Bildt criticized Trump saying that Sweden and terrorist attacks doesn’t add up and questioned about what he has been smoking, without mentioning any names.


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