The Greater Buffalo Jewish Community Centers were Evacuated on Monday following bomb threats.
The Greater Buffalo Jewish Community Centers were Evacuated on Monday following bomb threats. (Photo source: The Buffalo News)

On Monday, Seven Jewish communities from three states were evacuated due to the most recent bomb threats. These threats are targeting Jewish Community Centers across the country. Governor Andrew Cuomo has declared an investigation to find the perpetrators. JCC (Jewish Community Centers) Association has confirmed that they have received threats for at least 16 facilities (Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Florida Indiana, Alabama, Delaware, and Missouri), which the Semitic groups were provided with. 16 JCC centers (one from New Jersey) in the states were threatened on January 9, and right after 9 days the number increased to 28 centers from 17 states.

President Donald Trump has addressed the incident as “horrible and painful” and ordered the state police to work unitedly with the local law enforcement and federal officials to look into the threats to find the perpetrators.

The Director of the Anti-Defamation League’s Center, Oren Segal has twitted on Monday accepting five series of threats in last two months. The New York Police Department (NYPD) received threats of possible bombing around 10 am over the phone and was investigating those three communities from Staten Island. In Camden County, the Cherry Hill Jewish Community Center was evacuated before 11 am and police ensured the safety in the locality. Few callers were actual people and few were robo-dialers. The FBI is thoroughly investigating the matter.

Plainview, Tarrytown and Scarsdale in Westchester County also received threats and were evacuated before noon, confirmed by Nassau County police. Whereas, Suffolk did not receive any threats but the police have taken security measures at religious institutions, synagogues and Jewish cemeteries to avoid any unwanted situation. All the areas were reopened for students after a few hours.


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