Weather forecasts warn about massive blizzard in New York City, Mayor declares emergency.
Weather forecasts warn about massive blizzard in New York City, Mayor declares emergency. (Photo source: Accuweather).

State of emergency is declared by Mayor Bill de Blasio effective from Monday midnight expecting severe weather condition from early Tuesday morning as a massive blizzard is likely to cause 16 inches to 24 inches of snowfall in New York. Snowstorm is expected to start around midnight and the condition is likely to get severe around 5 am to 6 am and continue for next few hours with blusterous wind. The wind might worsen the heavy snowfall which might blow up to 30 mph and the temperature is likely to fall, coastal flooding is also expected. Biggest snowstorm is expected to be in west and north of the city and highest wind in east and south but the accurate route has remained in dispute.

The storm warning is effective for Philadelphia, the entire Tri-State Area, from Monday night to Tuesday night. State of emergency is also declared in New Jersey.

Governor ordered the state’s Emergency Operations Center to run on Monday night and to be ready to deal with this massive snowstorm. Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) above ground subways will be shut down from 4 am, underground trains will run, by 4:30 am decisions will be taken on travel ban or whether Long Island Rail Road and the Metro-North Railroad to keep running or not. City bus services might be suspended depending on the situation. MTA bus services will continue but will be reduced by 30%.

There is a possibility to ban driving on city streets after the late night condition; all the city public schools will remain closed on Tuesday, according to the mayor. The City University of New York along with other colleges and university will remain closed. Columbia University events are canceled; The New York University campus will remain close.


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