Hull 200 is one of the first ferryboats built to provide citywide ferry service.
Hull 200 is one of the first ferryboats built to provide citywide ferry service. (Photo source: New York Times)

The captain and the crew of the NYC bound ferryboat Hull 200, on its first ever trip on Friday noon spotted the first alligator while piloting the canal which has raised major concerns. Hull 200 was stuck in central Florida with no aid and assistance. This block in mire disrupted Mayor Bill de Blasio’s plan to initiate a roundabout city ferry service. Hull 200 was the first flutter structure which was under construction in Louisiana and Alabama shipyards.

The roundabout trip involves one thousand miles long route, embracing Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan and the Bronx and the Florida peninsula. Hornblower Cruises and Events, the company that is operating the ferry service decided to save time by abridging Florida to avoid high rough weather. After three days in Mexico hull 200 was pulled away in Florida and headed towards Caloosahatchee River in obscure darkness. The canals usually lack depth, but were deep enough for Hull 200 which is 6 feet beneath the surface.

The first alligator which was spotted was small, having its beak higher up in the surface. After few minutes the large gator was spotted but the ferry could not move as it was stuck in the mud but the electric instruments reading showed that the canal is deep enough to pass through. The captain decided to dump 200 gallons of water to lighten the ferry and start the engine to turn the boat clockwise. After two hours, Hull 200 was heading towards west. The crew members on Saturday morning tightly packed their air mattresses and Hull 200 was on its way drawing back its route from Fort Myers. After the ferry got checked in Fort Myers, the captain and crew headed back to the gulf as west was calm for safe passing.


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