Steve was wanted for a Cleveland murder, a reward of $50,000 was declared for any information on him.
Steve was wanted for a Cleveland murder, a reward of $50,000 was declared for any information on him. (Photo Source: Today)

On Sunday, Steve W. Stephens (37) shot a stranger named Robert Godwin Sr. (74); the killer videotaped the killing and later posted the video to Facebook for the world to witness. A manhunt begun since the incident to track down Steve who has committed suicide near Cleveland. Earlier, false sightings were reported in Pennsylvania, Indiana, Texas, and Maryland and even in Michigan. $50,000 reward was announced for any news that would lead to Steve.

The video shows as if Steve was yearning to kill or to do something desperate, took his girlfriend’s name and told the victim that she is the reason behind this brutal act. Another video shows that Steve admits to have killed few others but apparently the state police only found one victim.

Steve used to work in Beech Brook, a behavioral health agency with no disciplinary troubles. According to reports, he was a gambler with debts, was homeless as he could not pay the rentals. Steve did not try to flee far away, did not dispose his cell phone to hide. The heinous act seems to be an impulsive reaction of his mental state.

He was recognized by a McDonald’s worker when he ordered food from the restaurant and the restaurant team tried to stop him in the booth while giving the food and called the police. But he left without taking his food in a normal way and drove off. Later he was chased by the state police force, and was bumped by a state. But as soon as he reached in front of an abandoned school, he pulled a pistol and shot himself.

The video was removed before it got viral, leaving a question how the social media deals with such brutal content. The victim’s family is not happy with the fact that the murderer committed suicide, as the family wished to see him get punishment and paid the penalty for his misdeed.


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