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Friday, January 19, 2018
Walmart's program for poor is under threat after Republicans raise voice about eradicating it.

Republican war on Walmart food stamp, cruelty on poor

City politicians will speak out against the Republicans, who decided to eradicate the food stamps for NY’s commoners. The city council and Mayor Blasio...
Mayor Bill de Blasio has emphasized on the use of body cameras by the NYPD officers, an initiative that has been challenged by the civil lawyers lately.

NY’s body camera program challenged by civil lawyers

A pilot program that was planned as a trial for the police officers to wear body cameras got approved by the federal monitor for...
Hull 200 is one of the first ferryboats built to provide citywide ferry service.

HULL 200, NY’s first ferry faces Alligators heading North

The captain and the crew of the NYC bound ferryboat Hull 200, on its first ever trip on Friday noon spotted the first alligator...
18 year old Rahmarley Graham (right) was killed in a police shootout involving NYPD officer Richard Haste (35) back in 2012.

Officer accused of Rahmarley Graham killing resigns from NYPD

Richard Haste (35), who was on duty since 2008, on Friday quit NYPD after he was found guilty in connection with the killing of...
Weather forecasts warn about massive blizzard in New York City, Mayor declares emergency.

State of Emergency Declared as Massive Blizzard Heads towards New York

State of emergency is declared by Mayor Bill de Blasio effective from Monday midnight expecting severe weather condition from early Tuesday morning as a...
New Yorkers were alerted by blizzard warning as weather forecast suggests stormy week.

New Yorkers awaiting massive snowstorm, stocking up supplies

Agitated New Yorkers are stocking up supplies including salt, shovels and food as they wait for a massive blizzard expected to start around 2...
Ex-NYPD cop Gene Barrett, 51 was arrested after shooting his landlord's boyfriend.

Ex NYPD officer shoots Landlord’s Boyfriend on dispute

On Monday, Joe Stepinski (45) was shot and critically wounded by a former NYPD officer Gene Barrett (51) when a conflict turned fierce around...
The New York City police department launched an aggressive surveillance program to monitor Muslims in New York City following the 9/11 terrorist attacks which spurred controversies.

Controversial Muslim Surveillance: New York City goes for New deal

The New York City Police department is set to go for a new deal after they faced lawsuit claiming that the city law enforcers...
Thomas P. Campbell the director of the Metropolitan Museum of Arts have stepped down amid immense pressure.

Museum director Thomas P. Campbell resigns under pressure

On Tuesday, The Metropolitan Museum of Art’s director and the chief executive, Thomas P. Campbell (54) resigned after serving 8 years as the director....
The Greater Buffalo Jewish Community Centers were Evacuated on Monday following bomb threats.

Jewish community centers targeted for bomb threats

On Monday, Seven Jewish communities from three states were evacuated due to the most recent bomb threats. These threats are targeting Jewish Community Centers...

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