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Thousands of people are marching throughout the United States demanding President Trump to release his tax returns.

Thousands of Marchers Demand the Release of Trump’s Tax Returns

Protests are taking place in more than 150 points across the US to create pressure on President Trump to release tax returns. On Saturday,...
Hawaii Judge has blocked a second travel ban only hours before it was set to come into effect.

Federal Judge Blocks New Travel Ban, Enrages President Trump

A Hawaii Federal judge has blocked the new travel ban signed by President Donald Trump hours before it was set to come into effect....
After an unsuccessful run for the White House, Hillary Clinton is now planning to run for the New York Mayor's office.

Hillary expected to run for the mayor’s office

After an unsuccessful presidential election, the ex-democratic presidential nominee Hilary Clinton is set to bind back in politics and run for the NY city...
President Donald Trump's remarks on Sweden has steered new controversies.

President Trump Talks about Sweden Terrorist attack- an incident that never happened

President Trump made a statement about a terrorist attack that happened in Sweden while referring to a Fox news interview featuring conservative filmmaker Ami...
New York City is preparing for its next major political battle to select a new City Council Speaker.

New York Prepares for its Next Political Battle

After the US Presidential election, New York is preparing for a major confrontation for the upcoming distinct unoccupied position of a City Council Speaker,...
President Donald Trump blasted the media for leaking news about Flynn which led to his resignation.

President Donald Trump Blasts Media for Leaking Flynn’s Russia Connections

President Donald Trump on Wednesday claimed that Michael T. Flynn, his former national security adviser was wrongfully brought down by the media with illegal...
Michael T. Flynn, one of the key figures from Trump's transition team stepped down as the National Security Adviser after controversies about his phone call with the Russian Ambassador to the US.

Allegations Suggesting Trump associates’ Connection with the Russian intelligence fuelled doubts

Four American officials (former and current, whose names were not published because of the classified investigation) confirmed that Trump’s acquaintances were in constant contact...
Michael T. Flynn stepped down as the National Security Adviser after Justice Department warned the White House about the potential threats of Flynn being compromised.

Michael T. Flynn Steps Down as the National Security Adviser after Phone Call Controversies

Michael T. Flynn, the national security adviser of President Donald Trump has resigned from his position after news broke out regarding his attempts to...
Kellyanne Conway, one of the trusted advisers of President Donald Trump was mocked after her false massacre claims.

Bowling Green Massacre: New Yorkers Mock Conway After False Allegations

The “Bowling Green massacre” an “atrocity” that Kellaynne Conway claimed to have occurred in Bowling Green, Kentucky by some Iraqi refugees received sharp response...
Many protests at the San Francisco International Airport following the new executive order by President Donald Trump.

New Immigration Executive Order Brings Chaos to the US, Leaves Many Stranded Abroad

President Donald Trump’s executive order to prevent refuges and travelers from several Muslim majority countries (including Iraq, Iran, Syria and Libya) to enter the...

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